So I figured out how zyprexa works you’re too tired, hungry, and thirsty to pay attention to your craziness. I slept most of the day. When I was awake I was eating and drinking. It’s becoming harder and harder to realize everyone doesn’t hate me. I spent my waking hours drowning thoughts and voices out with music. I’m getting closer and closer to hurting myself. I have to keep reminding myself my meds aren’t working yet.

I feel bad for not telling my therapist what was / is going on but I really think if I’m truly honest I’d get shipped to the hospital or at the very least Intensive Outpatient program / partial hospitalization. I can tell her on Tuesday.  I’m kinda torn with Intensive Outpatient I may need the extra help while my husband is gone but that requires me to trust the driver, sit close to others, and talking to others just won’t happen for me. My thoughts are all jumbled so good night guys.


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