So my temp dr. needs a prior authorization for me to get a higher dose of my mood stablizer. So I tried to get it filled both yesterday and today. The dr still hasn’t returned their call. The pharmacist came up with the idea that I fill the lower dose and take 2 of those until my dr gets the authorization. So now I have enough meds to cover me while my husband is gone. So I took both meds tonight.

So my day was spent at an open house for one of the homeschool groups my husband teaches at and my son attends. I hate, HATE large groups of people. I spent most of my time on the phone pretending I didn’t exist. Socializing scares me. Physically I shake when talking to people when there’s not a purpose.  Then there were kids not behaving and their parents nowhere to be seen, a major pet peeve of mine. My husband’s issues got in the way of sitting in the auditorium so I missed my son’s show. He only said 3 lines but still it would have meant a lot if we went in.

I’m not as stressed about the stop light cameras watching me as much as wanting to hurt myself. All the sharp objects are still up from my mixed episode. I came home after and cooked lunch. Then I laid down with my husband for  a little while he passed out. We went to pick up my meds and to the store. I did surprisingly well at the store, no melt downs at all. We had hotdogs and nachos with cheese for dinner. I’m now writing before going to bed. I’m sorry again that I  took such a long break.


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