No more abilify tablets. My mom was able to give me my abilify shot tonight so for another 4 weeks I don’t have to take the pill. First she took me to dinner and beauty and the beast. Then she gave me the shot. It was so sweet. She was about to cry doing it because she didn’t want it to hurt me.  That was at night.

Earlier in the morning we saw my husband’s therapist. He told her I tried to cut. She treated it very respectfully. Asked why he was put in charge of me taking my medication properly. We didn’t tell her I’m a suicide risk. It’s something I’m sure will come up later. I still want to hurt myself but only for a little today. I wasn’t paranoid going to the bathroom at the theater. I’m still isolating and using the headphones to block out noise that is aggravating. I’m slowing down. I don’t think I’m in episode anymore but still getting mood whiplash.


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