I slept 5 hours last night. I was awoken by my dad this morning. He took me out to breakfast and to the flea market. I was only able to walk a quarter of it before I got to tired. Dad had me sit down at the eating area while he went to put the bags back. I was worried that I’d think people were talking about me again, as my paranoia gets worse when alone but I was fine until my dad came back. We walked for a little while longer and then went to get ice cream. After my dad took me home because I had to go to my in-laws because my son came home today.

When I went home to pack I almost forgot my medication. So we went to my in-laws and talked about their trip. While talking about it I was looking up snorkeling. I’m very antsy today. I spent time with my son. We watched Despicable Me and Reckit Ralph. My skin feels like there’s tons of bugs on my skin. I’m going to go to bed early because I hate the feelings of bugs on my skin.


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