I slept well last night and made it 2 weeks. The meds aren’t that bad with danimals but it’s just 2 pills my previous psychiatrist had me taking 4 pills, the abilify injection and a klonopin as needed. I’m very overwhelmed today. I have a lot of nervous energy. My husband thought it was funny just to stare at me to annoy me. It backfired on him, I got freaked out and flipped out on him.

I went to lay down only to get more anxious there. I got up and he went to lay down. I felt he was trying to get away from me but this time I asked him. He wasn’t. I told him how hard of a day I was having and he told me I need hobbies. I flipped shit screamed at him I have hobbies but we have no money for my hobbies. So he got up and took me to Michael’s.   I bought 8 figurines to paint. I came home and painted three of them. I also picked up my injection. Then I spent some time with my dog and now it’s bed time.  I’m anxious that my paranoia won’t go away by class on Wednesday.


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