I finally slept 8 hours! I took my husband to the movies to see Logan. I realized in the movie that he does want me around. Not just because I do nice things for him but because he cares. I haven’t wanted to harm or kill myself today so that’s progress.  I’m so happy I might be coming out of this. It’s been over a month now since my episode had started. I lose so much time to this.

I’ve also heard my shot has been approved and ready for pick up. Now I wait to see whether  my home health nurse is approved or if I need to learn to give myself the injection. If I do have to learn to give myself the injection my mom, who’s a nurse can show me.

I also got a call from my psych clinic. They’ve changed my therapist to one that is more available. That should be good if it works out. My other therapist kept wanting to kick me over to intensive outpatient. Hopefully this one has the time and energy to deal with my crazy. I have to thank my psychiatrist and my clinic for all these changes as he’s trying to find something that works for me longer then a couple of months. I hope my therapist isn’t afraid of me or for me. I made a horrible dinner and didn’t feel bad about it. Then I watched some TV. Now with a quiet head and the feeling of bugs on my skin I go to bed.


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